Overhauling an Extension Publications Website: You Mean We Want People to Find and Use our Pubs?

These days, we're all being asked to do more with fewer resources and people. In 2010, the Office of Communications and the Office of Information Technology collaborated to redesign, relaunch, and move UGA's CAES Extension publications website to a database-driven, more user-friendly interface. This session will cover:

1. How, through the new publications website, we're using technology to meet -- and help our shrinking county agent population meet -- the public's ever-growing demand for information.

2. The logistics of our move from a handful of static HTML pages to a dynamic Cold Fusion-driven site, including lessons we learned about what worked well (hey, a search that works!) and what didn't (there are HOW many broken links?).

3. How to effectively collaborate with colleagues who speak different work languages to create a successful product.


Amanda Swennes, ben whetstone, Robin Pratt

Created by Rhonda Conlon