How to Join the Maker Movement - Discussion with Utah 4-H Educators

Extension professionals from Utah State University discuss how 4-H programs can join the Maker Movement.

We will be sharing:
  • Resources & curriculum for Maker activities
  • Funding opportunitiesĀ 
  • Growing a 4-H Maker program
We answer questions like:
  • How does a 4-H program get started in the Maker Movement?
  • Where does STEM education fit into the Maker Movement?
  • What can 4-H add to the Maker Movement?
  • What Maker events/programs have can 4-H programs organize?
  • What curriculum should you use at a Maker Camp?
  • What funding is available for Maker projects and activities?
  • Do I need to be tech savvy in order to join the Maker Movement?

Created by Paul Hill


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