Parenting During Times of Transition Part 2 - Promoting Effective Parenting During Deployment and Reintegration

This is a free professional development webinar presented by MFLN Family Transitions

This webinar will feature what has been learned from the ADAPT (After Deployment Adaptive Parenting Tools) Project.   The presenter will identify how to best support military families coping with the stress of deployment and reintegration with a focus on parenting skills, couple relationships, problem-solving, and effective communication.


  • Identify key elements of effective parenting programs
  • Describe the family stresses of deployment and reintegration
  • Describe what makes a program evidence-based
  • Describe why ADAPT is an evidence-based program

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    Dr. Abi Gewirtz  is the director of the Institute for Translational Research in Children’s Mental Health at the University of Minnesota as well as Professor in the Department of Family Social Science and the Institute of Child Development. Her research focuses on the development, effectiveness testing, and implementation of targeted prevention programs that promote child resilience among highly stressed families including those affected by military deployment, and war.

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