Using online maps to engage your audience

Note: This webinar is part 1 of a series on the use of online mapping in Cooperative Extension. Check out the other webinars on 2. making the most out of ArcGIS Online, 3. making Esri Story Maps on your computer, and 4. making Esri Story Maps on your mobile device.


Online maps as outreach tools
The use of online mapping can be used as an effective tool to communicate information in an engaging way and allows for user interaction in a way not possible with standard websites. Whether or not you think of your work in a geographic frame of mind, a map could likely be used to help spread your message or collect information from people with whom you wish to communicate.

Exploration of online maps
This webinar will cover the basic concepts of online mapping covering several free or inexpensive options, all of which require no specialized skills or coding experience. After exploring the possibilities, we will focus on the use of ArcGIS Online to create and share online maps.

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