Game On! Applying game design principles to research, teaching, and outreach strategies

Dr. Rosa Mikeal Martey is an assistant professor in the department of Journalism & Technical Communication at Colorado State University. Her research focuses on online information-seeking and social interaction through digital technologies with a focus on gender, identity, and social norms. Current research includes includes a study of perceptions of social norms and politics on Facebook, and research on game design and applying game principles in university instruction. She is also currently examining identity and group dynamics in Second Life and World of Warcraft as part of a large federally funded research project.

Prior to her graduate work, Martey did corporate and community research in advertising and non-profit organizations, as well as strategic planning and website design. Recent publications can be found in Popular Communication, New Media & Society, and Information, Communication & Society. She teaches courses in computer-mediated communication, digital research methods and the social impact of digital technologies. Martey was recently featured in The Denver Post.

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