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Women in Ag Learning Network Marketing Series: Session 1

Buyers are fickle creatures. The dish that made us swoon last year is boring today. We see an ad in a magazine and want that item in our shopping cart immediately. We still love bacon…but wait, healthy eating is all the rage.  Knowing what your customers will be expecting can seem like a mystery. Separating the trends from the fads is key in developing a winning marketing plan. But with so much data out there where do you look?

Join UVM Extension Community & Economic Development Specialist Mary Peabody to examine some of the major drivers in food purchase decisions, and then consider specific strategies for positioning your products in a rapidly changing marketplace. The founding director of the Women's Agricultural Network, Mary is passionate about working with small-scale farmers and small business owners on issues related to business planning, marketing and feasibility.

This webinar is the first of a three-session, monthly series focusing on key topics for  small and medium-sized farm/food businesses specializing in direct-to-consumer sales. The series continues in February with "Pricing Your Products,"  which guide participants through key considerations in direct market pricing, and "Targeting Your Market Dollar," to help you get the most from your marketing investments. You can find links to the other session by typing the title in the search bar above.

The series is presented by the Women in Agriculture Learning Network, in collaboration with the University of Vermont Women's Agricultural Network and New Farmer Project.


Mary Peabody

Created by Beth Holtzman


I have the same problem, went through FB and can't get on either!

Avatar_placeholder Connie Hoffman

almost 2 years ago

There was no obvious way to get into the webinar....I accidentally clicked on "Women in agriculture" tag which took me to another page with the title of today's program which had a link.

When I signed up for the event, there was no mention that I had to have an extensionID account to get into the webinar. I would have done this when I signed up for the webinar, since I hadn't, I had to waste more time doing that before I could get in. It would have been nice to know this at signup.

Avatar_placeholder Susan Jaster

almost 2 years ago

after you register, the link should be revealed on this page. It will not be in the email confirmation.

Thumb_white Virginia White

almost 2 years ago

I can not find where I connect to session.

Avatar_placeholder Naomi Scanlon

almost 2 years ago

There was NO link on the email that said I had been registered, why can't I get in?  This page will not take me to the link or into the webinar, why?

Avatar_placeholder Susan Jaster

almost 2 years ago

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