Pricing Your Products

Women in Ag Learning Network Direct Marketing Webinar Series

Session 2

Is it time for a pricing reboot? Do you know whether your prices are making you money or sending you to the poorhouse? When is it okay to sell something below cost? When do you make the tough decision to stop producing something?

In this webinar, UVM Extension's Mary Peabody will guide you through a refresher on the things you need to know to set smart prices. Yes, you probably learned this once or twice, but when is that last time you spent some time really thinking through your pricing strategies?

The founding director of the Women's Agricultural Network, Mary is passionate about working with small-scale farmers and small business owners on issues related to business planning, marketing and feasibility.

This webinar is the second of a three-part series focusing on key topics for small and medium-sized farm/food businesses specializing in direct-to-consumer sales. The series started in January with "Consumer Trends," which examined some major drivers in food purchase decisions specific strategies small farmers can use to positioning products in a rapidly changing marketplace. The series continues in March with "Targeting Your Market Dollar" which will help you get the most from your marketing investments.

The series is presented by the Women in Agriculture Learning Network, in collaboration with the University of Vermont Women's Agricultural Network and New Farmer Project.


Mary Peabody

Created by Beth Holtzman

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