Value of Family and Consumer Sciences Extension in the North Central Region

While the United States provides its people with many opportunities, and represents the largest and most diverse economy among nations, there is no hiding the fact that it is also a country where tens of millions of residents face significant problems and challenges. More than 45 million Americans presently live in poverty, and U.S. life expectancy is just 42nd among all nations. Over 87 million in the nation are worried about having enough money each month to pay their regular monthly bills, and 17.6 million U.S. households are food insecure. We can, and should, do better. Extension Family and Consumer Sciences programs are well positioned to contribute to improved health and well-being of citizens in every state, thus meeting the challenge to 'do for health and wellness education in the next century, what extension agriculture has done for production ag in the past 100 years'. In the U.S., the academic discipline that focuses on a holistic approach for the development of fact-based, research-driven educational programs to improve well-being is Family and Consumer Sciences.

This webinar will review of the primary disciplinary content within Family & Consumer Sciences, and describe the impact this content has through the delivery of educational programming via the work of Cooperative Extension in the North Central Region. We will also discuss those aspects of Family and  Consumer Sciences Extension that make it particularly effective, and that differentiate it from other organizations working to improve the nation's health and well-being. Key findings, challenges, and opportunities will be presented.


Paula Peters, Associate Professor and Assistant Director, Family and Consumer Sciences, Kansas State University Research and Extension

Deb Gebeke, Assistant Director, Family and Consumer Sciences, North Dakota State University Extension Service


Elizabeth Kiss, Associate Professor and Family Resource Management Extension Specialist, Kansas State University

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