2016 4-H Professional Development From Your Desk Session #1 "Youth Nutrition Education Curriculum"

Presenters: GaeLynn Peterson, Sharmi Crowther, and Suzane Prevedel (Utah State University Extension)

Not every teacher, parent, or educator is trained in nutrition education creating the need for a quick and easy-to-follow nutrition education curriculum. The CREATES Youth Curriculum can be used in schools, after-school programs, home-schools, 4-H clubs, child care centers and other youth groups, or in personal homes. Food $ense (SNAP-Ed), Nutrition Education Assistants and Utah State University Extension agents collaborated to develop an easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to deliver curriculum. This exciting new curriculum includes research based USDA MyPlate information, physical activities, visuals, take home activities, and a fun game called "MyPlate Mania". The take home handouts, recipes, and activities involve the entire family in purchasing, providing, and consuming more fruits and vegetables, whole grains and proteins. This information will enable youth and their families to make healthy nutrition choices, develop healthy eating habits, and ensure a better lifestyle now and in the future.

The 2016 4-H Professional Development From Your Desk Virtual Conference is being sponsored by the Western Region 4-H Youth Development programs-Alaska, California, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, and New Mexico.


GaeLynn Peterson

Created by Carrie Stark