2016 4-H Professional Development From Your Desk Session #3 "Social Media and 4-H: How to Make it Work for Your Program"

Presenters: Joy Paterson & Kate Schnoor, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension

This workshop will consist of two sections. First, we will highlight how we started our program, concerns and issues that have arisen along the way and how we merged the needs of 4-H with social media outlets. During the second part, we will answer questions related to social media with time to discuss major concerns including privacy and safety of 4-H information shared on social media.

The 2016 4-H Professional Development From Your Desk Virtual Conference is being sponsored by the Western Region 4-H Youth Development programs-Alaska, California, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, and New Mexico.

Created by Carrie Stark