2016 4-H Professional Development From Your Desk Session #5 "The Northwest Youth Financial Education Program""

Presenters: Nancy Shelstad and Lyle Hansen, University of Idaho Extension

With current credit card debt expected to reach $900 Billion by years end and student loan debt of $1.2 Trillion, personal financial management skills are critical for youth to attain! Research shows that as little as 10 hours of personal finance education positively affects the spending and saving habits of students. We know that youth learn best when they are engaged, have an opportunity to experiment and can see how they use the information in a meaningful way. Through a partnership with Northwest Farm Credit Services and Extension, Lyle Hansen and Luke Erickson have developed interactive youth financial education programs that are free to you. Programs are available for youth 7 to 18 years old. A few examples: “Marlon Monkey Borrows Bananas” functions as an interactive children’s story and teaches concepts in saving, borrowing and interest for youth 7-10 years old. Using the popular game show format, “Credit Score Millionaire” helps youth learn about how financial decisions affect their credit score and how their credit score can affect their ability to borrow money, save on insurance premiums and/or employability for youth 16 + years old. This workshop will provide you access to these programs, educator resources, supplemental activities and teaching strategies for delivery.

The 2016 4-H Professional Development From Your Desk Virtual Conference is being sponsored by the Western Region 4-H Youth Development programs-Alaska, California, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, and New Mexico.

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