2016 4-H Professional Development From Your Desk Session #8 "Change: Begin with Endings"

Presenter: Marilyn Lesmeister, Oregon State University Extension

Change is difficult. You may be experiencing university re-structuring, loss of faculty/staff at various levels, reassignments, or policy changes. You may be struggling with how to implement needed change in volunteer advisory committees, county awards structure, or event management. Yes, change is difficult because it represents the end of something.... Ahh but, beginnings can be wonderful! This workshop will provide a review of transitions and changes, based on work by William Bridges, and others. Participants will gain a better understanding of the (a) steps necessary to move toward change; (b) challenges; (c) roles of staff and volunteers in leadership positions at every leverl of the organization; and (d) practical ideas and resources to use. Humor, individual reflection, group sharing, and success stories (and less-than-successful stories) will be invited to contribute. The workshop will include opportunities to analyze scenarios, plan change, and pose questions. Diverse staff who attend will be invited to share experiences and ideas to contribute to this learning community. A resource list will be available to help apply important concepts. Join the workshp to think about and plan for...endings and beginnings.

The 2016 4-H Professional Development From Your Desk Virtual Conference is being sponsored by the Western Region 4-H Youth Development programs-Alaska, California, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, and New Mexico.

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