New Opportunities for Extension Professionals: How to Maximize Your eXtension Resources

The NEW eXtension has a new focus on expanding your opportunities to innovate, advance your professional growth, and increase your impact in your local work.  Join eXtension CEO Chris Geith in this 30 minute session as she presents to you eXtension's new vision and opportunities, answers your questions and learns your suggestions for getting you the tools and resources you need.

You will have an opportunity to ask questions.

This session will be held in a Zoom Webinar.  Please register at

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This session will be recorded for viewing after. Check back to this event page in Learn for the link to the Recording. 


Christine Geith

Created by Beth Raney


Terry, Mark Locklear is working on instructional material right now. Thanks for suggesting a series of how-to webinars too! 

Avatar_placeholder Christine Geith

almost 2 years ago

James - glad you are seeking people with your interest. The directory of members is here:

You can see who is in the Corps here:

The best way to find people who are using eXtension is to log into our People application and search on institution, topic, etc.  (first, have an account) - go here to start:

Avatar_placeholder Christine Geith

almost 2 years ago

I would like to see a directory of member institutions and a list of names of who is actively working on eXtension projects in each institution. For instance at Penn State where I am located, I would like to know if anyone is on the climate change core from PSU. Is that available?

Avatar_placeholder James Clark

almost 2 years ago

Great webinar.  I enjoyed it immensely.  In the future, I would like to see a zoom webinar on how to use each tool (Zoom, Slack, BaseCamp, etc.) with numerous examples.

Avatar_placeholder Terry Gipson

almost 2 years ago

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