Success Factors for Developing Your eXtension CoP Social Media Strategy

“The Internet offers a universally accessible interactive hub of fast, consistent, cost-effective resources to connect with individuals working toward common goals. The groups derived from these connections are called virtual social networks. The content shared in these networks is called social media. Developing a virtual social network for your CoP is an important mechanism for generating and disseminating knowledge within your greater online community. But how do you develop a successful social media strategy to reach those interested in the content developed by your CoP? Join us for this interactive workshop and explore the success strategies we’ve used to (1) Develop a list of social media objectives; (2) Develop a list of social media sites (3) Assess your membership’s social media expertise and create successful social media teams; (3) Utilize eXtension’s online arsenal of contacts and content (4) Join the online conversation and develop strong online relationships with influencers in your field (5) Define social media activities; (6) Create a “call to action” that supports and motivates members. Bring your questions, concerns and real world experience and together with these strategies, developing your virtual social network is only a well-planned, social media strategy away.


H. Marissa Stone

Created by Beth Raney

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