Redefine, Rediscover, Re-energize – Content Evaluation and Management Using Google Analytics

CoPs are looking for ways to ensure that their content is relevant and timely for public audiences. Both new and experienced CoPs struggle with keeping content fresh and usable. Some of the biggest questions are “What do we write now?” and “What do we need more of?”. Most CoPs use Google Analytics to get page counts and usage, but there is a myriad of additional ways you can use Google Analytics to build a road-map to content. Find out how you can slice and dice your way through GA to reveal some helpful clues on where to take your content. Google Analytics provides some powerful tools to help your CoP take a new look at how your content is being used. Find out how you can use Google Analytics to discover your audience needs and their use of your content. Google Analytics can help you strategically plan the development of new content and uncover the use of existing content and FAQs. This session will focus on taking advantage of Google Analytics to evaluate and build new and exciting content, and help you understand how to profile your users and their needs.


Amy Hays

Created by Beth Raney

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