Great Lakes Region Seafood Workshop (Aquaculture and Fish Tech 101)

"Aquaculture and Fish Tech 101" is a Sea Grant sponsored regional seafood training workshop that will be held at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education Conference Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from May 9-12, 2016. The workshop will provide information on current issues, developments and trends for fishery and aquaculture industries and products. Program content covers technical aspects of seafood health and safety from water to table. Seafood products from wild caught and aquaculture sources will be discussed from the following perspectives: nutrition, benefits and risks, food safety, quality and handling, harvest and production methods, processing, HACCP, sourcing, distribution and marketing. In addition to national issues, the program will also address topics of regional and local interest. Formats will include classroom lectures/seminars, demonstrations and local tours of facilities that support the seafood industry.

Event Materials

Created by John Ewart

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