Successful Strategies for Scholarship, Peer Review and Recognition in a COP

The eXtension environment is designed to provide the “best of the best” research based information to serve clientele needs. It is based on collaboration and content evolves based on user input. It expands delivery of quality research-based information to individuals not currently accessing extension materials. The extension professionals providing the content to eXtension exist in an environment where output and performance are measured by authorship of peer-reviewed publications and delivery to in-state constituents with documented impacts. The development and long-term stability of a COP depend on successfully meshing the strengths and characteristics of the eXtension environment with the constraints and incentives of the content suppliers. . Each COP must define and deal with the issues of scholarship, peer review, authorship and incentives to content suppliers.
This presentation summarizes the Cooperative COP’s strategies for authorship, peer-review and incentives for the development of content. The policies and systems developed maintain authorship and recognition for content suppliers provide recognition for reviewers and have developed a strong team of content topic managers. The community also developed a unique linkage with regional research teams that underpins the COP information. These topics and strategies are relevant to all COPs and provide excellent opportunity for lively discussion.


Phil Kenkel

Created by Beth Raney