Engaging Academic Faculty Members in Creating eXtension Content

Engaging academic faculty members, particularly those without extension appointments, in collaborative efforts to develop content can enrich the information made available through eXtension and create opportunities to develop programs and grant proposals. eXtension can serve as an venue for sharing and applying the results of research projects, as well as encourage the development of applied research studies that provide practical results for Cooperative Extension personnel. Academic faculty in communications and other disciplines already have established working relationships with colleagues who are active with the Extension Disaster Education Network, resulting in creation of a community through which disaster-related research can be shared with Extension personnel and clientele. Through these efforts, research is being conducted that will help individuals and communities become more resilient to disasters. In this session, members of the community will share their approach to these collaborations and discuss ideas for additional collaborative opportunities.


Traci Naile

Created by Beth Raney

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