Understanding Social Identity Development

This webinar will explore the concept of identity within a U.S. context that is shaped by individual characteristics, family dynamics, historical factors, and social and political contexts. Understanding how these factors affect our own and other’s identity development is critical to leadership, positive youth development and community building. A lack of awareness and understanding of the significance of identity development, or language for discussing and addressing these issues impedes our ability to develop comprehensive strategies to effectively and authentically build and navigate relationships across differences. This model can serve as a tool for understanding and framing the prevailing conversations regarding race and race relations in our country.
Webinar Objectives     
·        To explore a stage model of social identity development
·        To identify the ways in which our unexamined assumptions, stereotypes and bias impact both our individual and other’s identity development
·        To identify how the messages individuals receive from peers, the media and society in general are internalized and affect their sense of self
·        To explore how our identities are part of a larger system of power, privilege and oppression
·        To identify strategies for supporting social identity development as part of our ongoing leadership, positive youth development and community building.


Eduardo Gonzalez Jr, Dionardo Pizaña

Created by Shalyse Iseminger