Communication "In the Crunch"

We all have the intention to communicate clearly and frequently are able to make this happen. However, under stress or “In the Crunch,” most of us revert to less skillful styles of making our point. It can be helpful to recognize these styles which present obstacles to communicating and to target specific skills which pave the way for better understanding of the other person’s world. Whether with clients, family members and friends, or work colleagues, conscious choices of how we talk and listen can help …

This interactive webinar will provide opportunities to discover how our personal “agendas” repeatedly interfere with effective communication and offer a RECIPE for more effective and efficient communication.

Reflective listening
Compromise and cooperation
I” Messages


Learning Objectives:

 Webinar participants will be able to:

  •  Identify 3 ineffective agendas which limit communication and undermine relationships.
  •  Describe 3 practices which open communication possibilities.
  •  Identify 2 specific ways to improve their communication style under stress.


Jane B. Riffe, Ed.D., LICSW, LPC
West Virginia University Extension Specialist in Family & Human Development, retired

Certificate of Completion

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