Starting Over After Foreclosure: Exploring the Financial Needs of Families Post Foreclosure

The Great Recession prompted increased job loss and housing instability. In support, local agencies offered foreclosure prevention assistance. However, after services, resources to assist families in their recovery after foreclosure became limited. Qualitative findings revealed the need to understand the household experience and identify situation appropriate supportive resources.

Available in both English (launched in July 2015) and Spanish (to be released in 2016), this free online, research based, educational toolkit was developed to aid recovery efforts. The eight unit resource includes developing a spending plan, credit rebuilding, the emotional aspects of housing instability, and housing options after foreclosure. A complementary series of free, online self-paced courses are currently being piloted and will be released in the Summer of 2016.

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Erica Tobe, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, Michigan State University

Brenda Long, Senior Extension Educator, Michigan State University Extension

Scott Matteson, Extension Educator, Michigan State University Extension


Elizabeth Kiss, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Kansas State University


Erica Tobe, Brenda Long, Elizabeth Kiss

Created by Elizabeth Kiss

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