Sea Grant FEN Webinar # 7 - FishBiz: New web-based business tools designed for commercial fishermen

Info about FishBizPlan can be found at:  and

This webinar will describe new online tools designed specifically for commercial fishermen interested in better understanding the financial aspects of their fishing businesses. FishBizPlan is a business planning tool developed by a national group of extension experts and fishermen to help commercial fishermen around the nation analyze their businesses through writing a business plan. Dana Morse with ME Sea Grant will describe the importance of using a business plan and introduce the audience to this new online tool.  Embedded within FishBizPlan are several financial spreadsheets (include balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements), with categories and calculators created specifically for fishing operations.  These can help provide an even deeper understanding of the financial workings of a fishing business.  Curtis Mahnken from University of Minnesota will outline how and when to use each of these spreadsheets.  Finally, Alaska Sea Grant has created a website called FishBiz, which houses the tools described above, as well as numerous other resources for commercial seafood harvesters. Business publications, podcasts, external links and other tools on this website support new entrants, mid-career fishermen and those planning to exit the commercial fishery. Sunny Rice will provide a brief introduction to this new resource, as well.

Created by Erik Chapman

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