Snapchat AMA

Think Snapchat is just for the young crowd? Guess again! Snapchat has grown and matured along with its original audience and is now the space to be in to engage with certain audiences. As leaders of the nationwide Ed Tech Learning Network, we frequently are asked about Snapchat. What is it? Should I be using it? Is it even appropriate for Extension work?

This AMA will be your opportunity to Ask Us Anything about Snapchat!

We'll also provide background about relevance of the app, who is using it, and give a walk-through of Snapchat's features.

Send your questions prior to the AMA and we might answer them live. Submit anonymous questions:

Or Tweet your questions out with the #EdTechLN hashtag included!

You can also ask your questions live during the AMA. 

Created by Jamie Seger

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