Best Practices When Blazing the Trail for Online Learners

In this webinar, Dr. Connie Fisk, Extension Educator – Regional Food Systems, will discuss best practices for course design that she’s learned as an instructor and reviewer of online college courses across the country. She will focus on recommendations for competency-based courses such as those offered by Extension professionals through and share steps for making your Microsoft Office documents ADA accessible.

Dr. Fisk will give a brief overview of one common course evaluation rubric and how it is used for peer review of online courses. These same standards are also useful when planning a face-to-face program as they are all focused on what the instructor develops before learners arrive.


Dr. Fisk has been teaching online since 2008 and has been a Quality Matters Certified Peer Reviewer of online courses since 2014. She received a Master Distance Educator Award from the Wyoming Distance Education Consortium in 2014 and in 2015 was honored to be included in the Hall of Excellence for QM Reviewers.

Created by Jill Heemstra

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