Approaches to CPP State Implementation using Biomass: A Look at Oregon and Washington

Marcus Kauffman
, Biomass Resource Specialist, Oregon Department of Forestry
Chuck Hersey, Forest Health Planner, Washington State Department of Natural Resources

This presentation offers a glimpse into state-level approaches to the Clean Power Plan where biomass energy is considered both a possible CPP planning tool as well as a key resource in addressing concerns such as the risk of severe wildfires and air quality. Learn more about these real examples of biomass incorporation into state implementation plans for Oregon and Washington, and hear about how science-based approaches can provide a robust and nuanced picture of biomass in a low-carbon future.

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This series is a co-sponsored effort by the USDA NIFA AFRI Regional Bioenergy System Coordinated Agricultural Projects, which focus on sustainable production of advanced biofuels, industrial chemicals, and biobased products to enhance existing agricultural systems, create rural jobs, and achieve other goals related to energy security and sustainability.


Sarah Wurzbacher, Chuck Hersey

Created by Martin Twer