Using Story Maps to share your story (even without maps!)

Story Maps can help you tell stories, with or without maps
Telling stories can be a effective way to communicate information, particularly when those stories feature compelling narrative and striking visuals. While many Cooperative Extension professionals have experience telling stories in person, they may be uncertain how to have the same effect as they increasingly work online to reach on their target audience.

Esri Story Maps provide an online platform for story telling which is fairly inexpensive (or free) for academia, simple to use (no coding required) and interactive (you can use images, maps, audio, and video). In spite of the fact that Story Maps were originally designed to display and share maps, you can tell any story you would like, even those without a single map (really!).

Getting up and running with Story Maps
This webinar will introduce the idea behind Story Maps and will provide specific examples of how they may be used in outreach and engagement activities. We will also cover the basic "how-to's" involved in creating and sharing Story Maps and will provide resources for further professional development in this topic.

Although we don't assume that attendees have any experience with this tool, the webinar will easier to follow if you have previously used ArcGIS Online or have viewed this webinar on ArcGIS Online.

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Shane Bradt, Brooke Edmunds

Created by Shane Bradt

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