Joining the Maker Movement: Q&A with Colorado 4-H

The 4-H Agent in Pueblo County, Colorado reached out to us with the following questions about our 4-H Maker programs and the success we have had with setting up afterschool and school enrichment programs that integrate and include 4-H participation and membership. She is especially interested in how this has been done within the Maker Movement.

Here's a list of the questions we will be answering for Colorado State University Extension 4-H:

1. Please explain how afterschool or school enrichment participants become 4-H members.
2. How do you handle chartering of short term 4-H maker clubs?
3. How do you orient, train and onboard volunteers who work with maker clubs?
4. How do you showcase these maker programs with stakeholders, I.e. Impact statements.
5. How are you evaluating these maker programs?
6. How have you overcome perceptions that "the tradition community club model is the only way to do 4-H"?
7. What costs are involved to the maker program participants, counties, state?
8. How much time is needed for a county agent to start a maker program?

Created by Paul Hill