Global foundations for reducing nutrient enrichment and oxygen depletion from land based pollution, in support of Global Nutrient Cycle

Program to discuss a potential partnership with GETF (Global Environmental Technology Foundation). GETF is interested in eXtension helping them contribute to a Global Nutrient Management CoP and to identify best-management practices regarding nutrient reduction in key “hot spots” regions where coastal hypoxia is growing.
1. Five (5) minutes before the announced time of a session, go to the "View and Participate" link listed for the topic. The sessions will use web conferencing technologies.
2. Enter as a Guest.
When prompted, enter your name followed by your institution. (ex: Beth Raney, Penn State)
3. Once you enter the learning space, you will have the opportunity to have the system call your phone for the audio portion of the session.

We look forward to having you join us!

Created by Dan Cotton

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