Listening Session: Working Together in Addressing Sensitive Topics

Military Caregivers often recognize that it is difficult for those that they work with to discuss sensitive topics relating to health and wellbeing. This active listening session will set the stage for the MFLN – Military Caregiving concentration’s 2016 Virtual Learning Event (VLE) on Communicating Sensitive Topics: A Service Providers Approach to Working with Caregivers starting 12 October 2016. The goal of the August 10 listening session is to ensure that training topics and content areas accurately reflect priorities and needs that are emerging among those who provide support to caregivers in the military family context.

In this listening session, participants will contribute to understanding the importance of communication for interpersonal relationships and adult learning strategies, while providing an opportunity to identify specific sensitive topics that can be found within their fields. The topics identified by presenters and session participants will lay the foundation for training needs for military service providers and professionals as they work with families with special healthcare needs. Participants will be encouraged to share scenarios and challenges from the field that would be transformed into case studies during the upcoming VLE this fall.  This participatory approach will assist in the MFLN Military Caregiving efforts to build effective programming through collaborative learning.

Certificate of Completion 

  • The MFLN Military Caregiving concentration will provide a certificate of completion to participants interested in receiving training hours.
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Created by Hannah Hyde