Top Ten Questions to Ask When Siting New Poultry Barns

New Animal Facilities Fact or Fiction…

·        A typical broiler house will provide about 150 tons of litter per year with roughly 60 lbs of N, 60 lbs of P2O5 and 50 lbs of K2O per ton. Four houses will meet the phosphorus needs of 600 acres of corn.

·        A typical 4 house broiler operation will use 2,000,000 lbs of feed per year or about 70 semi-loads a year. What kind of road infrastructure is needed for these and the top heavy finished bird delivery semis that will be frequently a proposed poultry house site?

 You can learn which of these are fact and fiction and a whole lot more from Susan Watkins, University of Arkansas, and Josh Payne, Oklahoma State University, and their recorded webinar on their Top Ten Questions to Ask When Siting New Poultry Barns.


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