Hope is Not a Strategy, a Case Study On Penn State Extension’s Engagement to Restore State Funding

In the FY 2015/16 Pennsylvania state budget process, the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences was caught up in a political state budget stalemate and faced the elimination of their entire state appropriation. The college and its stakeholders engaged in a comprehensive advocacy and communication strategy in an attempt to restore funding. The outcome was not only the full restoration of the college’s funding, but an increase of 9.5%. This webinar will discuss the three key parts of this, and any, advocacy strategy and some lessons learned along the way including established relationships, an action plan, and effective messaging.

About the presenter:

Mary is currently serving as the Director of College Relations and Communications for the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences. The office is a component of the dean’s office that manages the college’s relationships and strategic communications with external audiences – with a focus on alumni, industry and legislators as well as future students − and covers all three mission areas of the college including education, research and extension.

Created by Jill Heemstra


Thanks for sharing this fantastic presentation Mary and all of the resources! 

Thumb_annie250 Ana Henke

about 1 year ago

Will the Power Point Presentation be available?

Avatar_placeholder Judy Wright

over 1 year ago

As soon as I get it from the presenter, I will post it here. Thanks for asking!

Thumb_jill_vertical_shot Jill Heemstra

over 1 year ago

I tried to join in and it states that the 60 minute session took place at 2 pm EDT which is 4 PM MST.  Don't understand how it could be over, but find no way to join in progress????


Avatar_placeholder Patrick Momont

over 1 year ago

Hi Pat, Since you have an eXtension account, I updated your profile with Timezone: Mountain Time. From now on, when you're signed into Learn, it will show a learning event in your timezone rather than Eastern Time. This may help with the confusion. 2pm ET is Noon MT. Thanks for your comment! Beth

Thumb_beth_nov2014 Beth Raney

over 1 year ago

Hi Pratrick. We apologise for the issues connecting to the webinar. A recording is now available for viewing.

Thumb_me_round Mark Locklear

over 1 year ago

Will this presentation be archived so we can view at a later date? We have our state CEC meeting on August 22 and 23rd. I'd very much like to participate, but since that's not possible, I would like to see the session archived. Thanks!

Avatar_placeholder Jacqui James

over 1 year ago

Yes it will be. Check this page within a few days after the webinar and the recording link will be posted.

Thumb_jill_vertical_shot Jill Heemstra

over 1 year ago