Healthy Homes - Part 2

Healthy Homes-
Often people think about keeping their bodies healthy without realizing the influence which their building materials or daily home environment may have on them. That being said, there are ways to keep you home dwelling "healthy" so that the family is also well.  

In the presentations given this webinar covers considerations from materials available to all Cooperative Extension educators at Montana State University's Healthy Homes Partnership website.

In Part 1 (August 30th) of this webinar series we talked about Drinking Water and Waste Remediation along with Integrated Pest Management and Lead Poisoning.

In this webinar we will look at Energy Efficiency for two hours.  


Art Nash, Assistant Energy Professor at the University of Alaska School of Natural Resources and Extension, has worked with housing and energy projects concurrent with providing educational services in  Alaska’s Interior tribal villages, Southcentral and coastal  areas since moving to the state in the early 90s as a licensed secondary social sciences and environmental studies teacher. As an assistant (energy) professor, Art works closely with the Cold Climate Housing Research Center and the Alaska Center for Energy and Power.  His teaching expertise includes home energy/cost efficiency, remote cabin and camp(ing) off-grid energy production, indoor air quality/radon, and Universal Building Design for disabled and aging residents. He is the state's Radon Outreach coordinator and presents on Healthy Homes topics. 


Art Nash

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