Controversial Topics, Social Media, & Extension with Kevin Folta: #EdTechLN TweetUp + Webinar Simulcast

GMO’s, fad diets, and anti-science… No, this is not your Facebook newsfeed. But it is the focus of next week’s TweetUp! Have you wondered what Extension’s role can or should be in addressing controversial topics on social media? We’re excited to welcome special guest host Dr. Kevin Folta from the University of Florida to lead us in a rich discussion on a topic which impacts all Extension program areas and specializations. When research-based information isn’t perceived as a trusted source… how do we respond? How do we engage?

This special TweetUp will also feature this webinar simulcast hosted by Ohio State University’s Jamie Seger and Danae Wolfe for those who prefer to engage via webinar.

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Jamie Seger, Danae Wolfe

Created by Jamie Seger

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