Stop Broadcasting and Start Having a Conversation

Social media tools are best suited for TWO-WAY communications, and brands don’t converse. In this session we will discuss how Extension professionals can and do use social media for engaging and collaborating with their audiences; not to establish brand awareness, but to further their educational goals.

This is a repeat of the session given at ACE/NETC. You can watch the recording of that session at: or participate in this live session.

"You can choose to live your online life as a brand, and commit yourself to a strategic online presence that is based on maximizing the ROI of your every online utterance. Or you can choose to be a person, committed to online authenticity not because it's a best practice for social media marketing, but because it's an extension of your offline integrity. You get to choose whether you live in an online world that's made up of the interaction among brands or one that's made up of interaction among people. "
- Alexandra Samuel (Social Media in 2011: Six Choices You Need to Make, Harvard Business Review)


John Dorner

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