An Introduction to Working Out Loud Learning Circles for Extension Professionals

This webinar will introduce participants to Working Out Loud learning circles, and invite them to join an "open" circle of extension professionals starting in October. Participants will learn what is entailed in participating in a learning circle, and the advantages to their Extension programs from adopting this more open form of working. The circles starting in October are free and open to all Extension employees. 

Working Out Loud is an approach to building purposeful relationships that can help you and your teams make an impact and accomplish your goals. It’s a practice that combines conventional wisdom about relationships with modern ways to reach and engage people. If you were at the National eXtension Conference you experienced a good introduction to the practice.

There are five basic elements to Working Out Loud:
  1. Relationships - building and network shaping
  2. Generosity - small gifts freely given
  3. Visible work - radical transparency (one element) 
  4. Purposeful discovery - goal and impacts in mind
  5. A growth mindset - open to new ways of working - accepting change
Circles will meet for one hour a week for 12 weeks. We will form as many circles as there are people interested. Please join the webinar to learn more, and we'll try to answer as many questions as you might have. 


Kevin Gamble

Created by Kevin Gamble

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