Augmented Reality - A New Tool for Extension

Webcast description- Augmented reality is an immersive technology that allows it’s users to interactive with the digital and physical world. Come to this webcast to learn about AR research, apps and uses in Extension. Participants will learn how to create an AR interactive print sample to use with their own programming.

Michele published a series of blog posts to introduce the sections she will cover in the webinar:

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality - what the research says

A new way to learn

Interactive print - bringing words to life

About the presenter:

Michele M. Kroll, M.S.
EdS. Educational Technology/Online Educator
Community Development Specialist
MU Extension-Camden County


Michele Kroll

Created by Jill Heemstra


Will there be a recording of this event posted? I'm really disappointed that I missed it.

Thumb_cpane Charlie Pane

over 1 year ago

Yes, the recording should be available very soon - before the end of the week. Thank you for your interest!

Thumb_jill_vertical_shot Jill Heemstra

over 1 year ago

Primary Audience: Not Set