Telling your story with maps

Share your story with maps

Using Esri Story Maps is a great way to share your information and story with a wide variety of stakeholders (no coding experience necessary!). Story Maps are driven by ArcGIS Online and provides a great method for communicating information and engaging your audience in a graphical and narrative way! Do you want your audience prepare for a meeting by looking at maps, pictures and videos? Story Maps can help!

Get up and running with Story Maps

Join this webinar to explore the basics of building and displaying information via publicly accessible Story Maps. In order to follow this webinar, it would be best if you have some experience with ArcGIS Online or you have previously attended our webinar on ArcGIS Online.


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This webinar is brought to you by eXtension AUS, UNH Cooperative Extension, Map@Syst, and the eXtension mapping Innovation Hub. 

A recording of this webinar will be made available soon after it takes place.


Shane Bradt

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