Right Sizing: Creating Appealing & Satisfying Portions in School Meals

David Just, PhD, Professor and Co-director for the Cornell Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Programs at Cornell University will walk attendees through the visual factors that affect students’ level of satisfaction with portion size. He will discuss the factors in self-serving that lead to overconsumption and share strategies for selling a-la-carte items to encourage better nutrition.

Learning Objectives: 
After this webinar attendees will be able to identify:  
  • Visual factors that affect students level of satisfaction with portion size 
  • Factors in self service that lead to overconsumption 
  • Implement pricing strategies for a-la-carte items to encourage better nutrition 
Instructions for Joining:

Click the link above to join the webinar. Once you have entered the WebEx Room, select your preferred audio option. You may either join using your computer's audio or receive a call from the meeting to a mobile or landline phone. During the webinar your microphone will be disabled so that only the presenter and host will have speaking privileges.

Created by Katherine Baildon