Recommendation for Ask an Expert Change

Ask an Expert is a question and answer system which allows Cooperative Extension professionals (referred to as experts within the application) to engage with the public through the website. Over the last eight years Ask an Expert has been an important client-serving application for some Extension groups and institutions.

Recently, eXtension completed a reassessment of Ask an Expert and, from the findings, developed a recommendation for changes. This web meeting will focus on answering questions and getting feedback on these recommended changes from meeting attendees. Pre-registration would be helpful. Thanks!

Prior to attending this web meeting, please review this document--Recommendation for Ask an Expert Changes--which provides background as well as a summary of the changes proposed to make Ask an Expert more functional for Cooperative Extension.

The meeting will be recorded for anyone who is unable to participate, and they may view it at a time of their choosing. Extension professionals may also pose their questions and contribute their feedback to the conversation. After reviewing this document --Recommendation for Ask an Expert Changes-- please submit your thoughts, questions and concerns using this form: Feedback on Ask an Expert Recommendation. Comments are due by October 19, 2016.

Created by Beth Raney

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