Webinar Logistics: Lessons Learned from the eXtension Trenches

This presentation will cover important tasks to consider and how different platforms change how those are accomplished, alternative streaming options, saving time in production, and archiving discoverable recordings.

It is the first in a three-part series on webinar production and lessons learned by several eXtension communities.
The other two will be:


Coral Owen, Leslie Johnson, Alice Formiga, Jill Heemstra, Jennifer Chilek, Molly Herndon

Created by Jill Heemstra


Watching the recording... The speakers mention a shared doc to collect ideas. Is this available? I also can share my experience charging for webinars, which one speaker asks about. We charge $20 per webinar or $50 for full-year access (12 monthly webinars). Audience is professionals. We get an average of about 40 people per webinar. Depending how they pay, we net about $4,500 per year. Not a huge amount but we do depend on revenue and this makes the series viable. Details on 2016 series: . I wish others would charge as well - not sure why we have settled in to making these free.

Thumb_eli_2014aug_dhanson_square Eli Sagor

about 1 year ago

Thanks for your comment about charging for webinars. It continues to be a challenge, but it is good to see an example where it works. The shared document on different webinar platforms is at:

Thumb_jill_vertical_shot Jill Heemstra

about 1 year ago