Planning and Executing Quality Learning Experiences Via Webinar

Note - November 16 is the correct date! November 15 was accidentally sent in the first email by mistake.

This is the second in a series of three webinars about....webinars!
This presentation will cover working with presenters and using adult learning techniques to increase learner engagement, messaging around the webinar topic on social media, blogs (etc.), creating web content or educational modules, and managing continuing education credits and requests.
The first one will be October 27 at 2 pm EDT on "Logistics"
The third webinar will be December 7 at 2 pm EDT on "Analytics and Evaluation"


Brigitte Scott, Karen Jeannette, Leslie Johnson, Alice Formiga

Created by Jill Heemstra


On this page it says the first one is Oct 27th but on the Logistics link it says Oct 26th- is the 26th the correct date?

Avatar_placeholder Adena Sabins

over 1 year ago

Yes. The first webinar is today, October 26.

Avatar_placeholder Leslie Johnson

over 1 year ago

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