Extension Behavior Change: Introduction to Social Marketing Principles for Extension

Social marketing is a research-based approach to bringing about change, and while it holds a lot of value for UF/IFAS Extension, we have only minimally explored the potential of this approach to programming. Social marketing applies principles of traditional marketing to address complex issues and bring about change that benefits the extension client, their community, and/or the environment. For many, this is an important strategy to incorporate into existing educational activities, because many social marketing tools can increase our impact, and can be developed at no cost to the organization. This training will present social marketing as an approach to creating behavior change in Extension programming. The speakers will present participants with an overview of this approach, followed by a discussion of the role of this strategy within the Extension system. Tools from the "social marketing toolbox" will be discussed. Participants will play a role in planning for future trainings on this topic.

The goal is to increase awareness of an underused approach, encourage agents to incorporate the tools/principles of social marketing into their programs, and pursue some of our more in-depth trainings on social marketing. 


1.    Introduction of participants, speakers, and technology

2.    What is social marketing?

a.    Overview

b.    Behavior identification

c.    Audience Analysis

d.    Strategies for Behavior Change

e.    Pilot Testing

f.      Broad-scale implementation and Evaluation

3.    Discussion

4.    Posttest


Laura (Sanagorski) Warner

Created by Emily Eubanks

Primary Audience: Not Set