Ask an Expert Meetup - How to...

Join us to learn about Ask an Expert "behind the scenes" ... the features and options that may help your ask an Expert group both work better for you and be visually more appealing for your audience(s). Being aware and possibly making updates now will help prepare you and your Ask an Expert group for the changes that are coming to the incoming flow of questions without a national question wrangler group in Ask an Expert.

In this meet-up, we'll look at how to use features of Ask an Expert that won't change but that many AaE groups and experts may not be currently using such as:
  • Roles/Responsibilities within Ask an Expert, i.e., group leaders, group members, experts.
  • Options for Ask an Expert group Settings
  • Opportunities for state Ask an Expert groups
  • Tags for groups
  • Profile for experts, ex.: avatar, About Me, locations, tags, Away, etc.
  • Use “related questions” to answer questions and for learning/PD
... as well as other questions you may have.

Created by Beth Raney

Primary Audience: Not Set