Evaluation PDCoP Web Conference: Evaluation Process NC Style

Colleagues--Please join us for the August web conference of the eXtension Evaluation PD Community of Practice featuring NC 4-H youth, volunteer leaders, agents, and specialists supporting two clubs who are learning entrepreneurship hands-on by raising blueberries for the local farmer's market. As you can imagine, a simple activity strand quickly morphs into an elaborate web of activities and outcomes as project partners seek to learn, monitor, and improve their program. The clubs are completing their first season, so will share their activity and evaluation journey. They will also discuss the role of evaluation in growing the project and building youth and adult leadership.

After picking berries at least twice a week for the last six weeks in 90-100 degree weather, you can imagine that they are glad to speak to an event that is air-conditioned! Please join us for a look "inside the process" of evaluation, following the link below:

Session Details: Evaluation PDCoP Web Conference: Evaluation Process NC Style

Session Time: August 18, 2010, 3:00PM - 4:00 PM
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Web conference participants can log on up to 15 minutes early. For best results, use a headset. For more information and previous recordings of eXtension Evaluation PD Community of Practice web conference, go to http://nc4-heval.wikispaces.com


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