Leading your experts to better use of Ask an Expert

As Ask an Expert gets more attention with the coming change, removing the National eXtension Question Wrangler group from the incoming question flow, there is more interest in how states who actively use Ask an Expert get it to work for them and the experts in their state.

This panel of Ask an Expert leaders from various states will share a little about how their extension service uses Ask an Expert. Each will have just 5-7 minutes to share what works in their state for the experts, Ask an Expert groups, strategies, etc. The remaining time will be for you to ask them questions or add your 2 cents. The chat will be active as well.... come join us!

Panelists will include:
Christy Mannering, University of Delaware, Communications Specialist/Web Developer
Jim Segers, Texas AgriLife Extension
Gwyn Shelle, Michigan State University Extension, Instructional Technology Specialist
Frank Wideman, University of Missouri, Natural Resource Engineer

Other people who are willing to share about their state's/institution's strategy and use of Ask an Expert:
Jeff Hino, Oregon State, Learning Technology Leader
Michele Walfred, University of Delaware, Communications Specialist
Julie Weisenhorn, University of Minnesota , Associate Extension Professor, Department of Horticultural Science

Contact engineering@extension.org for any questions, comments or concerns about Ask an Expert.


Frank Wideman, Jeff Hino, Beth Raney, Christy Mannering, Gwyn Shelle, Jim Segers, Michele Walfred, Julie Weisenhorn, Ben MacNeill

Created by Beth Raney

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