Engaging Across Generations Part II: Tools & Techniques

This is a FREE professional development webinar hosted by the Family Transitions concentration area of the Military Families Learning Network.

People of all ages can work well together, especially when they know and understand the unique strengths each generation has to offer.  All too often the differences between generations, rather than areas of opportunity, shape how people work together.  This two-part webinar series examines ways to move beyond stereotypes and potential conflict to bridge across generations which can increase creativity, problem-solving, and learning.

Part 2 of this webinar series invites participants to explore ways to harness the strengths of each generation as well as provide tips and tools for communicating and engaging across generations.

1. Recognize the strengths of each generation at different phases of life
2. Identify the potential challenges and intergenerational tensions that can come with major demographic shift
3. Identify strategies that individuals and communities might use to enhance and maintain intergenerational relations over time 

If you missed Engaging Across Generations Part I: Unique Mindsets on May 2, you can check out the recording here.

A certificate of completion is offered for this session.

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Lisa Hinz is an Extension Educator with the University of Minnesota Extension specializing in Leadership and Civic Engagement. Lisa works with public and community-minded individuals and organizations, providing workshops on leadership, facilitation, and public participation. Her expertise includes personal leadership styles, team building, using strengths and assets to strengthen community, and effective group and community involvement processes. Helping people build their skills and insights for working together more effectively is her focus.

Brian Fredrickson joined University of Minnesota Extension in September 2014 as the Leadership and Civic Engagement educator in West Central, Minnesota. Brian has facilitated public work organizing workshops with faculty from the Center for Democracy and Citizenship, and designs, adapts and delivers leadership and civic engagement programs that address local and regional needs including those for new, diverse and historically underserved audiences.  

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Created by Anita Harris Hering

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