Searching for Goldilocks: Balancing Forest Ecosystem Restoration and Old-Forest Species Conservation in the Sierra Nevada, CA

Concern over the social, economic, and ecological consequences of increasingly frequent "megafires" in California's Sierra Nevada have led some to propose large-scale forest restoration to increase ecosystem resilience. However, restoration efforts (e.g., forest thinning) may have collateral impacts on declining old-forest species. Is it possible to find balance between these two seemingly competing objectives? In this hour, I explore this question using the California spotted owl as a model old-forest species, and share new insights from ongoing research as part of my PhD dissertation.

Gavin Jones ​is  broadly interested in developing ecological models that inform management decisions and improve conservation outcomes. ​He is currently a PhD ​student ​ at University of Wisconsin-Madison​   ​in ​the Department of Forest & Wildlife Ecology. You can follow Gavin on twitter (@EcologyOfGavin), or visit his page at the Peery Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Lab to learn more.

Created by Megan Dettenmaier

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