Land Grant Informatics eXtension Fellowship Presentation

Over the last 9 months with support from the eXtension Foundation and Cornell University Library, Jeff Piestrak from the Albert R. Mann Library has been investigating how Land Grant institutions and personnel (including Cooperative Extension) might more effectively and collectively link and leverage digital resources and expertise in support of their research, learning and outreach activities, and Land Grant mission. In particular, what social and technical capabilities might contribute to greater learning, innovation and impact across disciplinary, institutional and geographic boundaries in support of healthy local and regional food systems.

Complementing blog posts on the eXtension site ( Jeff will share insights gained through this research here, including several specific recommendations for implementation. There will be time for Q&A at the end, and the webinar will be recorded and made available (along with the fellowship final report) via the site.

Created by Jeffrey Piestrak

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