Pollinating apples and cherries East of the Rockies

Apples and cherries would not be possible without the contribution of bees. This talk will review what it takes to achieve adequate pollination of apples and cherries in Eastern North America, the roles of managed and wild pollinators in these production systems, and practical guidelines for supporting pollinators in orchards. Results from recent studies in Michigan and Pennsylvania orchards will be used to illustrate these concepts.  To watch the recorded webinar click on the link on the upper right-hand corner of this page.

Presenter bio:
Julianna K. Wilson is a graduate of Michigan State University in Horticulture (B.S.), Plant Pathology (M.S.) and Entomology (Ph.D.). She has over 15 years of research and outreach experience in asparagus, blueberry, biofuels, and tree fruit cropping systems working on both pollinator communities and pest management. As the Tree Fruit IPM Outreach Specialist she collaborates with research and extension personnel to develop sustainable solutions for producing tree fruit in Michigan.


Julianna Wilson

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