Pest ID Crash Course Part 1: common insect pests of vegetable crops

One of the goals of the USU IPM program is to reduce the use of broad-spectrum pesticides for pest control in favor of using more selective products that are safe for beneficial insects, water quality, and human health. Proper identification of pests in monitoring practices is crucial in accurately pinpointing alternative control methods and more selective products when needed.

This webinar is the first webinar of the 2017 Winter Webinars put on by the Utah IPM Program and is part one of a two-part series providing information on identifying the most common insect pests of vegetable crops in Utah. It is targeted to commercial vegetable growers and/or anyone who wants to learn more about vegetable pest identification in Utah.

For more info on part two of this series, click here.


Cami Cannon

Created by Cami Cannon